Mos ma lesho doren – Ep. 117 – 22.10.2019 – Alsat

Klikoni FOTON me poshte per ta pare epizodin me te ri – MOS MA LESHO DOREN – E marte – 22.10.2019 – Epizodi me i ri – Klikoni Foton me posht >>>> 


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2 thoughts on “Mos ma lesho doren – Ep. 117 – 22.10.2019 – Alsat

  1. Hi there,

    Wh cant we watch episodes normal? I’m really a fan of yours but it’s getting really hectic trying to search from one site to the other!


    1. Its easy – you just have to click the picture where it says click the picture below ( in albanian ) then you will get to another site where you have to scroll down and there is the episode with 3 options. Thnx

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